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Blazer's Taxi

Blazer's Taxi is a book about a horse named Hamish who becomes the maccot for the Oklahoma City Blazer's Hockey team. Coach Sauter is looking for a black and white Clydesdale to become the team's mascot. When he does eventually find a Clydesdale, the horse won't get in the trailer. How does he finally get the horse to load into the horse trailer?


Clancy is a large white goat who discovers a tasty treat around the farm. He find a little bit of this treat but continues to search for more of those chewy morsels every day. When he finds the outhouse, he's very happy because it has plenty of this tasty food. The only problem he seems to have is that some of the treats have nails in them. He spits out the nails and has a special saying while doing so. That sometimes makes kids giggle when they hear the book. There's quite a ruckus when the farmer runs up the hill to the outhouse just as Clancy snatches another tasty treat from the back of it. ISBN:978-0-9972351-9-7 for hardback and ISBN:978-0-9983271-9-8 for softback copies.

Great Elephant Escape

When the garden disappears at a farm in the Hugo, OK area in 1975, the family tries to find out how it could disappear over night. They soon find that five baby elephants (1,500 pounds each) have escaped from the circus grounds. Three are recovered quickly, but Isa and Lilly are on the run for almost three weeks. The pair swim out to an island at Lake Hugo, they trumpet at approaching boats, and they run a deputy up a tree when they are back on the banks of the lake. During that time, the elephants eat whole gardens to stay alive. Lyndol Fry,  local game ranger, is called upon to save the day and tranquilize them when they're found. ISBN:9781455615827


Scanner is a little black Scottie who needs a home. He's found by Miss Copywright at a school. She can't find an owner, so she keeps him. His job is to listen to children read in the library. When he's zapped by the library's scanner, he discovers he can read. No one knows it--not even the librarian who decides to give him the name "Scanner". By the end of the book, he has a home, a name, and a job.      **Informtion for librarians and teachers--each Scanner book in the Scanner the Scottie series will have a Dewey number in it so students can find books with the same Dewey number on a shelf and read more about the topics included in the Scanner books. ISBN:978-0-9972351-1-1 

Grady's in the Silo

Grady's in the Silo is a picture book which received an Oklahoma Center for the Book Award and a Children's Choice/IRA Award. She was a Hereford who made news around the world and put Yukon, OK, on the map when she jumped into the silo in 1949. Grady lived to be eighteen, and she often had twin calves. She had her own mailbox, and her pen was in the front yard.  ISBN:9781589800984

Toby and the Secret Code

"What a wonderful way to share a neglected part of our history! The author and illustrator presented a story rich in Choctaw culture and language. [The book] emphasizes strength in diversity and shows that heroes are ordinary people who do extraordinary things during critical times. "

With heartfelt gratitude,

Beth Lawless,

grand-daughter of code talker, Tobias Frazier
Instructor of Adult Education Choctaw Nation

Scanner and the Icky, Sticky, Gum

This picture book is the second in the "Scanner the Scottie" series. Scanner, and his owner, Miss Copywright, must decide what book in the library might have information on how to get him cleaned up after a gummy situation. Each book in this series will have a Dewey number in it for children to look up similar topics. ISBN:978-0-0992497-4-1 for hardback and ISBN:978-0-9972351-1-1 for softback.