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Grady's in the Silo

It was 70 years ago that Grady, a Hereford cow, jumped in a silo on the Mach farm in Yukon, OK. For 5 days, Grady stayed in the silo. During that time, the Mach's received thousands of letters and telegrams suggesting ways to get her out. A man from the Denver Post, Ralph Partridge, flew to Oklahoma, and with the help of many others, was able to safely get her out of her "prison" on the 5th day.

For many years, she had a pen in front of the Mach home so visitors could see her, and she had her own mailbox. She attended the Oklahoma State Fair and the Czech Day Parade for years. She lived to be 18, and sometimes had twin calves.

Oklahoma's Ag in the Classroom has a variety of lessons for teachers, and Grady's in the Silo is included in their curriculum. Pelican Pub. Co. also had curriculum ideas for the book. The story is a great one to use in the classroom for teaching lessons on farm animals, patience, and teamwork.